I’m Darleane Johnston, a busy mom and an experienced Metro Vancouver family photographer. My specialty is outdoor candid photos of families with young kids. I live in New Westminster, BC with my husband and two kids. They make my life colourful. I’m constantly aiming to capture the magic that is them. It’s this fascination with capturing the essence of children, the magic they all hold inside themselves, and showing that through my work that has become my main source of inspiration.

My professional photography career has helped capture the moments that seem to come and go so quickly. First birthdays. Thanksgiving with out-of-town grandparents and grandkids. Preschool graduations. I love recalling memories from those times in our lives as I look at each photo of my own family. I love kids of all ages. Being able to take outdoor candid photos that capture our children in truest form brings great joy to me.

My dream has always been to work with children and I feel blessed to be able to fulfill it. Being able to do that for my clients is something I love to do. Life passes by so quickly, having these memories and beautiful portraits just takes us back to those special times.

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