I encourage clients to meet outside so we may capture family photographs in natural light.

Although I have an in-home studio, I often prefer to work as a natural light photographer. This means I enjoy meeting you outside to have a candid family photo session. Whether it’s under the glow of green summertime foliage or stomping through fallen golden, orange and red leaves of autumn, you’re bound to have fun—and capture those priceless candid moments outdoors.

One of the most important aspects of a successful outdoor family photo shoot is time of day. The bright sun can sometimes negatively alter colour and even wash out key details and textures. Bright hazy noon hours are often out of the question, unless the setting is just right.

When do I prefer that you schedule your outdoor family photo shoot? It’s best to book summertime sessions early mornings or 1-2 hours before sunset for golden sun-enhanced shots. The majority of my dear families agree that early evening is the most convenient time of day. For younger families, fall, winter and spring are better because little ones don’t have to be out so late. It’s best to book winter sessions at 2 or 3 o’clock in the afternoon. There isn’t much harsh light in winter, and it offers a favourable cold-weather backdrop for outdoor photo shoots.

When do you want to have your outdoor family photo shoot? Contact me to book a time.

What happens if it’s overcast? If you aren’t lucky enough to pose with the setting sun come session time, don’t worry about those clouds. Cloudy days provide the perfect diffused light setting for photos. There is far less sun vs. shade issues, which may give us more opportunities to capture kids at play or grandparents and grandkids posing together. No matter what, families are photographed amidst the wonderful tones and textures of nature. And if it rains, well, this local family managed to smile through cold, heavy raindrops. If they can do it, so can you.

Is your family getting together during a long weekend? I’ll help you plan your photo session.