Easter is just two days away. While my client families have booked their springtime family photo sessions a month ago when the first cherry blossoms created pink canopies, there is still time to have an impromptu family photo session in your own backyard. Good Friday’s forecast calls for warm sunny weather this Sunday, and I’m excited that I can take my family photo-making outdoors. This post explains how I corral my family together for impromptu Easter photo shoots in our backyard.

While it’s hard to schedule a family photographer two days before Easter and a couple of weeks before the tulips are gone, you must capture those bright sunshiny faces springing from the bushes with Easter baskets full of colourful eggs. If you can’t book professional Easter photo shoots, grab your smartphone or Polaroid and take your own photos this Sunday. Then set a reminder to book with me by the end of February 2016.

First, do whatever you can to keep your family in their spring dresses and handsome ties for a round of photos in the backyard. Bright fabrics pop among lush green grass and complement flowers. If you’re not dressed in bright colours, and you want some advice on what works well for outdoor Easter photo shoots, find out what to wear for photos.

Next, incorporate props that your kids will likely already have in their hands. Their baskets are ready. The plastic eggs are hidden all over the balcony or the backyard. Bunches of daffodils are also great to hold for portrait shots. If you live on a farm, baby chicks make an adorable addition to your photos because they make kids smile so big.

Finally, think about how you want everyone to stand. Now I’m veering away from my usual preference for the most natural candid shots. I know that it’s hard to get those action shots of kids running across the lawn with a smartphone. In the case of doing your own Easter photo shoots, you may want to get everyone to pose together. Take a look at my family and kid photographer sessions for something that may inspire you.

Of course, when you need to capture those quick-action shots of kids darting all over the place, ask me about my professional holiday photo shoots for families with kids. In the meantime, take your own photos BEFORE they rip apart the chocolate bunnies. Trust me.

From my family to yours, Happy Easter. May this special day bring your family great joy.