Happy Holidays to you and your family. I’m grateful to have had the chance to meet each of you for your family photo sessions during 2014. Whether we met at local parks or your own backyard, we let kids be themselves as we followed them through spring wildflowers and tall, thick grasses of late July. I had the pleasure of getting shots of of your adorable babies, active toddlers and older kids. Some of you joined them to create unforgettable moments together.

As the holiday season burrowed its way into our consciousness, rompers turned into sweaters and a lush green forest canopy became a dazzling rain of gold, orange, red and yellow. From Thanksgiving right up until last week, I focused on holiday photographs. Many of my clients turned their favorite shots into keepsakes for extended family members and dear friends. Others found ways to showcase photos in their homes. Some may have even turned digital copies into ornaments or calendars. All these bright, smiling faces of 2014 will forever be in my heart.

The final two photos were delivered to one grateful client with a last-minute photo session request. After this blog post, I close up my computer for a few days. Much like my clients, it’s time to turn my attention to adorable school plays, playful cookie decorating and warm, friendly holiday celebrations. It doesn’t mean I won’t be taking pictures. I love what I do, even when I’m taking a break. My family are used to my insistence to always be the go-to family photographer.

You may book your family photo sessions, starting January 2015. Perhaps we’ll meet again to capture kids’ growth spurts, take pictures with visiting relatives, or, perhaps, celebrate a new member of your growing family. Whatever your reason, I welcome the chance to meet again.

Enjoy time with your kids. If the kids get rowdy, fussy or downright tired of sharing, remember your go-to family photographer’s motto: go outside. Fresh air isn’t just for candid photos.