A park offers a natural landscape for fun, stress-free family photography sessions.

Not only do landscapes, slides and paths bring lush green settings and natural lighting to your photo sessions, they keep your family engaged. This is especially helpful for little ones who want to do anything but stand still and smile. I love to turn up the shutter speed, turn off my mind and photograph kids running through leaves or watching birds.

Young kids prefer pinecones and squirrels over backdrops any day. If the weather permits us to get outside, I encourage families to meet me at a Vancouver area park.

One of my favourite park settings is Deer Lake Park, a heritage park in Burnaby, BC. From the beach at Deer Lake to the Viewing Tower, there are numerous family photo possibilities in this large city park. Child photo-friendly amenities include a playground, 5.7 km of walking paths, more than enough pinecones and squirrels to keep your kids busy. Lake, forest, meadow and marsh environments give us a range of photo options.

View the official map of Deer Lake Park. Book your family photography session today.

Deer Lake Park is large, so we don’t run into a lot of people during your family photo shoot. This provides a focused setting for capturing the best photographs of your kids.

We can meet by the boardwalk that surrounds much of Deer Lake for family photos that include close-in lake views and twisted branches of the cottonwood trees. Perhaps we’ll soot a wren or a heron, and that’ll buy us a little more time to photograph busy children.

Since many of the Deer Lake Park pathway loops are flat and stroller-friendly, it’s easy to chase kids as they run towards a pigeon. During a brief second of quiet observation is when my camera’s shutter is busy, opening to get the best snapshots of your family.

When it’s time to add parents or grandparents to the shots, we find many places for your family to sit together. Snuggle up by the lake or lie in the grassy meadow.

I bring a 50mm lens or 24-70mm zoom lens for families, 60mm lens for closeups and ideas to keep everyone engaged. During my session with you, I ask that we adults let go of expectations and let kids be kids. That’s how I get the best shots.

Perhaps I’ll photograph your family at Deer Lake Park. Book your kids photo shoot now.