I’m a parent of two adorable children. Each day provides another chance to take out the camera and record our precious time together. First steps. Christmas mornings. First days of school. Last days of summer camps. No matter what creates these picture-perfect moments, grabbing the camera is a great way to create memories to be shared.

As a professional photographer, I know that not every camera owner has the means to capture the best angle or the best light. Most of us can’t afford to phone up a Vancouver photographer every time there’s a first step, a first family camping trip or a first match. That’s why I want to share three kid photographing tips to help you take better pics.

  • Get outdoors. Daylight and a fresh air provide the perfect setting for taking better photographs of your kids. Use natural lighting to enhance your pictures. By avoiding flash, fluorescents and indoor settings, you capture more natural-looking photos.
    TIP: Join your kids in the backyard on a sunny afternoon to take better photos.
  • Join the photo. Proud parents often forget to add themselves to the accumulating shots of their baby’s first smile, first birthday, first car and first day of college. Hand off the camera. Step into the shot. Your kid will thank you later, years from now.
    TIP: Give your friend the camera to help record time together with your family.
  • Lose the plan. Parents try so hard to make each moment perfect, and that perfectionism gets worse when we get behind the lens. Whenever we step back and let kids be kids, magic happens. They get into what they’re doing. We get the shot.
    TIP: Let your kid play freely without your direction. Quietly bring in the camera.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned as the go-to photographer of my family’s celebratory moments is that kids would rather run through the leaves, count the geese or feed the ducks. No matter how hard I try, they usually don’t want to pause long enough to pose for a shot, especially when Mom calls the shots. My best advice to you: change it up.

If after following these tips your three-year-old still shuts his eyes and turns his head whenever you open the shutter, don’t worry. You’ll eventually get the picture you want.  Step back from the scene a bit, take a deep breath and let go of any artful expectations. That’s precisely what professional photographers must do to take the best kid photos.

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