Beyond equipment, technical knowledge and processing skill is talent, the majority of what it takes to thrive as a family photographer. What shapes talent? Experience. Plus a lot of tenacity.

When I first started out, I sat down with local wedding and portrait photographer Jasalyn Thorne to talk shop. She was generous with her time and her advice, and she helped me gain the confidence I needed to pursue the family photography niche. What many local photographers have learned over the years is that there is a lot of competition, but few who stick with it beyond three years. Why? Many may have the creative eye for it, but few have the tenacity to thrive.

This year I celebrate my third year as a Vancouver photographer. I’m busy. My confidence is growing. Plus I’m building my pro studio for family photo sessions. I will survive. Here’s why…

I enjoy working with families. I love capturing candid moments with kids. As a proud mom of two older kids, I know firsthand the age-specific behaviours and parenting challenges that usually come up, especially during a photo session. The shy kid. The active kid. The fussy baby. The parent with unrealistic ideas. I have a way of easing parents’ minds and letting kids be kids that has worked well for me, my business and especially these natural-looking family photographs.

I’m laid back about it. My photography shooting style is candid casual with a preference for lifestyle portraits that blend environmental and candid portraiture. During the past three years I’ve worked diligently on being able to capture the more natural and fun side of family life. Often working outdoors, I value carefree moments where kids can be kids and parents can let go and enjoy time with their kids, rather than focusing on planning the best pose. Leave me to that.

Kids feel at ease around experienced moms. Kids pick up on parents’ good intentions of getting the best shots. Families need someone who knows how to put everyone at ease. That’s what I do best. I’ve had the luxury of working with families year after year as they grow and change.

If you’re looking for a family-focused photographer who has talent and experience to capture candid moments at home or at the park, please consider my work and my competitive pricing.

Let’s book a care-free family photography session for you. I look forward to meeting your family.