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I'm Darleane Johnston, a busy mom and an experienced family photographer. My specialty is outdoor candid photos of kids.

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I post photos and share my thoughts on family photography. Let's connect through my Chickadee Photos page.

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I was named a top family photographer by Book a shoot for the best outdoor candid family photos.

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“My rambunctious 3 year old son and I had an appointment with Darleane from Chickadee.  Carter has a mind of his own and a very strong will.  Darleane was amazing.  He loved working and playing with her!!  She was fantastic with us both.  She was patient, fun, positive and efficient.  We both enjoyed our time with her and the photos are great!  She caught us in our natural state – all of them in fact!  I love the expressions she captured. Each one is so totally and completely ‘us’.  I couldn’t be more pleased with her work!”

The Perry Family

Mother’s Day Photoshoot Ideas for Families

After the cherry blossoms and daffodils have gone and just before the begonias are in full bloom, families with children of all ages celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May. As both new and returning clients aim to book a Mother’s Day photoshoot, ideas of what to wear and where to go fill my inbox. They’re [ … ] Read More

Why You’re Self-conscious about Photos

It’s a special day with your family when you meet me at the park. As you and your kids begin to play and I begin to point my lens, I see you tug at your short sleeves and unroll the hem of your top. Your shoulders are stiff and your smile is forced. I ask what’s [ … ] Read More