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My name is Darleane Johnston, family photographer, and welcome to Chickadee Photos in Vancouver, BC

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I'm always posting new shots and my thoughts on being a photographer. Let's start a conversation!

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Working with each family to record lasting memories is really my sole purpose. I can't wait to work with you.

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Darleane’s photographs perfectly captured the carefree, adventurous expressions of our 2-year old, and our whole family had fun walking through the park catching the late afternoon light! Her expertise both in photography and in working with children came through in the pictures.


The H Family

What It Takes to be a Family Photographer

Beyond equipment, technical knowledge and processing skill is talent, the majority of what it takes to thrive as a family photographer. What shapes talent? Experience. Plus a lot of tenacity. When I first started out, I sat down with local wedding and portrait photographer Jasalyn Thorne to talk shop. She was generous with her [ … ] Read More

The Picture-perfectness of Our Imperfections

I’m a family photographer, and my work often extends beyond parent and child photo sessions. I choose the best shots and edit them using a suite of digital programs, such as Lightroom and Photoshop, but I always aim to preserve the natural elements of each and every shot. I don’t alter the shape of [ … ] Read More